Thai Poly Acrylic Public Company Limited | ผู้ผลิตแผ่นอะคริลิคคุณภาพสูง


Code of Conduct



Corporate Governance

he Board of Directors of Thai Poly Acrylic Public Company Limited is obliged to perform its duties in the best interests of the Shareholders and shall treat its stakeholders and all parties concerned with utmost fairness and provide quality products and services to fit the needs and requirements of the customers.

The Board of Directors adheres to the principles of good corporate governance, and have introduced recommendations under the guideline for listed companies 2017 issued by the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The guideline consists of 8 practices for director and to be the norm in controlling business transparent management and fair for the mutual benefit of the shareholders of the company, stakeholders including society and communities in which the company operates as following detail

  1. Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors as leaders that create value for the business sustainably.
  2. To determine the objectives and main goals of the business that are going for sustainability.
  3. To strengthen the Board of Directors.
  4. Recruiting and developing high-level executives and personnel management.
  5. To promote innovation and responsible business operations.
  6. Ensuring appropriate risk management systems and internal controls.
  7. To maintain financial credibility and disclosure.
  8. Support participation and communication with shareholders.

The Company has publicized “Corporate Governance, Business Ethics Rules and Anti-Corruption Policy” on its website. In the year 2020, The Company can comply with all of SEC’s Corporate Governance principles.

The Company’s Corporate Governance performance can be summarized as follows

1. Rights of Shareholders

The rights of Shareholders include all basic rights such as the right as an investor and the right as an owner of the Company including for instance the rights to buy new shares, sell or transfer owned shares, the rights to receive dividends, the rights to attend the Shareholders’ meetings, the rights to express or raise questions at the meetings, the rights to make decision by voting on the important affairs of the Company i.e. nomination of Directors, amendment of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company etc. and acknowledge the Minutes of Annual General’s Meeting.

2. Eqitable Treatment of Shareholders

The Company shall provide the equitable treatment to every individual shareholder, every group of shareholders, major or minor shareholders as well as the investors and foreign investment institutions. The fundamental rights of the shareholders are preserved regardless of gender, age, origin, nationality, religion, belief or social status.

3. Roles of Stakeholders

The Company conducts its business responsibly in order to provide mutual benefits to all groups of stakeholders, and thereby ensuring that the administration and the business operations of the Company shall not have any impact on the rights of any stakeholder concerned.

4. Disclosure and Transparency

Disclosure of information is a key index of transparency and an important factor to create confidence among investors and stakeholders. The Company values accurate disclosure of information and creates variety channels of disclosure of information so that all stakeholders can gain easy access to information.

5. Responsibilities of Board of Directors

The Board of the Directors recognizes its roles and responsibilities in instituting policies and directions of the Company’s operations in compliance with the law, the Company’s objectives and regulations as well as theresolution from the Shareholder’s Meeting. The Company supervises and monitors departments to follow the set policies effectively to maintain the Company’s interest, increase economic value to the business and promote stability among shareholders base on good corporate governance. The Board of Directors has followed up the implementation of strategies for sustainable business management. Roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors toward the Company and Shareholders are important since the Board consists of the expert persons with leadership skills, sharp vision, knowledge and high experience. They have honesty and independence for decision making, which is beneficial to the Company’s maximum interest and overall shareholders.



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