Cast Acrylic Sheet
LMS (Light Management Solution)

The best light conductor acrylic that is the unique property only PERSPEX LMS. It make advertising board slimmer than ever, modern looking and outstanding because of 10 mm. thickness. Moreover, it will save electricity than normal advertising board therefore PERSPEX LMS suite with light board, advertising board, tri-vision, product display, directory sign and menu board, etc.

For innovative of Perspex LMS will assist to create the unique advertising board with the perfect value as

  1. Capability of being die-cut, bend, transformed into various forms.
  2. Simplify to screen, sculpture and laser directly on surface.
  3. Use with normal fluorescence or special light bulb.
  4. Less light bulb than ever therefore save energy, deduct electricity cost, reduce maintenance cost and save cost to change lighting set.
  5. Convenient because easier to install with aluminum frame and compatible with sticker or backlit film and durathane that often changing.