Employees Development Policy & Training 2019


The Company has provided its staff with training so that they will recognize their responsibility in the safe and efficient operation of the plant, in operating the plant to be compliant with relevant legislation and to ensure consistency of product quality and to continuously improve all aspects of the manufacturing and commercial operations so as to and in serve and meet customers’ expectations. According to the Company’s policy and annual training plan, the Company has program covering people training, health and safety in work plan, process changes and new process technology in order to increase an improve employees to be in line with the needs and objectives of the business.

The company conducted the employee training in 2019 totaling 1,747.50 hours and training expenses at amount 660,454.65 baht as listed below :


Training topics Training hours
Management / Professional 178.00
On the job training / Procedure / Work instruction 1,359.00
SHE / License 210.50
Total 1,747.50