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Acrylic sheets, which were developed during World War 1 for fabricating various components for war planes, began to be imported into Thailand only around 1965. After 20 years of importing, it was in 1985 that a local pioneer, Khun Charoon Limchaiyawat, decided to start local production of acrylic sheets for the first time in Thailand. Thai Poly Acrylic Company Limited was founded and manufacturing and sales of acrylic sheets under the brand name of "MODEN GLAS" began soon after.

In 1994 the company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the registered name of Thai Poly Acrylic Public Company Limited (TPA.) Today, TPA is known in the industry as a leading producer of high quality acrylic sheets and is supported by Lucite International , the world's largest Acrylics manufacturer and owner of the "Perspex" and "Lucite" brands.

To meet the changing and increasingly stringent demands from both the domestic and international markets, TPA has been continuously upgrading its production technology.

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