About us

Nature of the Business

Business Overview:

Thai Poly Acrylic PLC. or referred as a listed company in SET as “TPA” is one of the leading cast acrylic sheet and other extruded plastic sheet producer in Thailand. Currently, the company operates with 2 separate production plants of which the cast acrylic plant consists of 3 production lines with a combined capacity of 10 ktes per annum. The three cast lines are capable to produce the combination of GP acrylic sheet and specialty products, including Sanitary grade for bath tubs applications and various kinds of specialty products such as LED acrylic block, LED Diffusion and LED LGP (light guide panel) for signage and display panel applications, etc. In addition to cast acrylic production facilities, the company also operates with 5 major extruders for producing various kinds of plastic materials, such as ABS, HIPS, PE, PP and Co-ex PMMA capped ABS, etc. with a combined capacity for all extruded products at 10 Ktes per annum.

Our business objective is to strengthen our position as a market leader in good quality standard cast and extruded acrylic sheet as well as seeding and growing specialty acrylic and non-acrylic extruded products.  This business objective can only be achieved through product diversification driven by R&T and Innovation under the management of NPD (new product development) team and NBD (new Business development) manager and steering team who work closely with our customers and providing them with innovative ideas, sharing our expertise and support solutions for their specific needs and requirements.
Our management continues to focus on our product diversification strategy through the expansion into industries with value added materials, such as flame-retardant ABS and other plastic materials for the automotive industry, and specialty plastic materials for industrial packaging applications/sectors such as anti-static and conductive PP and HIPS products. 

As mentioned above, the Company’s businesses can be classified in accordance with different production lines of plastic products that the Company produces into 2 types as follows:

1. Acrylic Sheet Business

The Company manufactures and distributes acrylic sheets in two separate systems; cast acrylic and extruded acrylic sheet.  There are totally 3 production lines of Cast Acrylic Sheet with a total production capacity of 10,000 tons / year, all these 3 production lines can produce various types of acrylic sheets, however, in summary, acrylic sheets can be classified into 3 grades including:

2. Extruded Plastics Business

Over and above the production lines for both types of acrylic sheets as mentioned above, the Company also manufactures and distributes various types of extruded plastic sheets with a variety of grades based on the type of raw materials for production as follows: