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Quality Control and Research & Technology Facilities

In line with its strong emphasis on superior product quality, TPA has made sound investments in Research and Technology. The company has sophisticated laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment and qualified technicians.

Tensile Strength Test

Continuous testing of physical properties includes measurements of tensile strength, impact force and load tolerance. Thickness Inspection Machine (TIM) A precise computerized thickness-measuring machine is used to ensure high accuracy standards for all Moden Glas Acrylic sheets.


Polymerization of Acrylic sheets is controlled above a minimum acceptable tolerance of 95%. Close monitoring control during the production of Acrylic sheets eliminates any formation of hairline ruptures or discoloration.

QUV-Weatherability Test

Tests to determine product life-expectancy in various environmental conditions are fully computerized. In the warm tropical climate of Thailand, the life expectancy of Moden Glas Acrylic is generally more than a decade.

Colour Matching Spectrophotometer

Color analysis and calibration against the master color chart is performed by a computerized Spectrophotometer to suit customer requirements. This equipment also saves time and cost since its readings ensure precision in the reproduction of color according to the specified color formula.