Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Policy

Responsibility to consumers and environment

The Company treated Occupational, Safety, Heath, and Work Environment as part of the business operation and social responsibility. Policies are implemented, effective on August 1, 2014 as follows:

  1. Compliance with laws and stipulations applicable at the present and in the future, and will implement system to manage occupational and work safety under Mor.Or.Kor. 18001, ISO 14001, and business codes of conduct. Those stipulations are adopted as minimum standards.
  2. Minimised the risk and prevent employees, relevant parties, and community from danger, injury ,diseases relevant to work, and environmental pollution.
  3. Prevents injury and illness which could occur from work according to the Company' s objectives and mission.
  4. Complies with the standard in discharging of waste and minimizes its volume. Environmental resources such as energy and water are used efficiently in line with the Company' s objectives and mission.
  5. Implements standards on Occupational, Safety, Health, and Work Environment for outsource staff or visitors according to the Company' s objectives and mission.
  6. Cooperates and announces data, information, policies to employees and external parties including both government and private sectors.
  7. Engages to have performance assessment on compliance to Occupational, Safety, Health, and Work Environment stipulations .This is taken as integral part of annual performance assessment of all employees.
  8. Roles and responsibilities relevant to Occupational, Safety, Health, and Work Environment are of all management and employees both within and off working hours.
  9. Promotes and supports capability development by training and imprinting good mindsets.
  10. Determination inresponsibility in product development to be consumer and environmental safe in all product lifecycle.
  11. Allocates resources appropriately to becomplied with the Company' s objectives and mission,
  12. .Continuous development in Occupational, Safety, Health, and Work Environment.


Sustainability Performance and Activites in 2021

Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment

The Company recognizes the importance of the environment and emphasizes how we operate business while protecting and conserving the environment. The Company implements an integrated management of quality, safety, health and environment with proper considerations given to environmental issues, safety, employee health, the community and stakeholders. The Company regularly inspects factory operations and work areas. Furthermore, the Company submits requests for standard accreditations such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, TIS 18001 (TIS 18001). Below are the company standard accreditations.

Certificate Issued by the institution Year of certified
ISO9001:2015 (Quality System) TUV NORD 5 August 2020
TIS18001:2554 (Safety System) MASCI 9 August 2020
ISO14001:2015 (Environment System) TUV NORD 7 December 2021






Performance in the Area of Safety and the Environment in 2021
Incidents Number
Injuries Causing Work to Stop for 1-3 Days 0 person
Injuries That Cause Work to Stop for 3 Days or Longer 0 person
FIRE 0 time
Chemical Leaks Outside the Factory 0 time




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