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The company : Its Successful History

Acrylic sheets, which were developed during World War 1 for fabricating various components for war planes, began to be imported into Thailand only around 1965. After 20 years of importing, it was in 1985 that a local pioneer, Khun Charoon Limchaiyawat, decided to start local production of acrylic sheets for the first time in Thailand. Thai Poly Acrylic Company Limited was founded and manufacturing and sales of acrylic sheets under the brand name of "MODEN GLAS" began soon after.

In 1994 the company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the registered name of Thai Poly Acrylic Public Company Limited (TPA.) Today, TPA is known in the industry as a leading producer of high quality acrylic sheets and is supported by Lucite International , the world's largest Acrylics manufacturer and owner of the "Perspex" and "Lucite" brands.

To meet the changing and increasingly stringent demands from both the domestic and international markets, TPA has been continuously upgrading its production technology.

Our Brand

Nature of the Business

Business Overview:

Thai Poly Acrylic PLC. or referred as a listed company in SET as “TPA” is one of the leading cast acrylic sheet and other extruded plastic sheet producer in Thailand. Currently, the company operates with 2 separate production plants of which the cast acrylic plant consists of 3 production lines with a combined capacity of 10 ktes per annum. The three cast lines are capable to produce the combination of GP acrylic sheet and specialty products, including Sanitary grade for bath tubs applications and various kinds of specialty products such as LED acrylic block, LED Diffusion and LED LGP (light guide panel) for signage and display panel applications, etc. In addition to cast acrylic production facilities, the company also operates with 5 major extruders for producing various kinds of plastic materials, such as ABS, HIPS, PE, PP and Co-ex PMMA capped ABS, etc. with a combined capacity for all extruded products at 10 Ktes per annum.

Our business objective is to strengthen our position as a market leader in good quality standard cast and extruded acrylic sheet as well as seeding and growing specialty acrylic and non-acrylic extruded products.  This business objective can only be achieved through product diversification driven by R&T and Innovation under the management of NPD (new product development) team and NBD (new Business development) manager and steering team who work closely with our customers and providing them with innovative ideas, sharing our expertise and support solutions for their specific needs and requirements.
Our management continues to focus on our product diversification strategy through the expansion into industries with value added materials, such as flame-retardant ABS and other plastic materials for the automotive industry, and specialty plastic materials for industrial packaging applications/sectors such as anti-static and conductive PP and HIPS products. 

As mentioned above, the Company’s businesses can be classified in accordance with different production lines of plastic products that the Company produces into 2 types as follows:

1. Acrylic Sheet Business

The Company manufactures and distributes acrylic sheets in two separate systems; cast acrylic and extruded acrylic sheet.  There are totally 3 production lines of Cast Acrylic Sheet with a total production capacity of 10,000 tons / year, all these 3 production lines can produce various types of acrylic sheets, however, in summary, acrylic sheets can be classified into 3 grades including:

  • General Purpose Grade
  • Sanitary Grade: acrylic sheets are formed into shapes of Bathtub, Spa and Shower Units as well as Sanitary Ware Accessories.
  • Premium Specialty Grade for specific applications, for example, LED LGP, Acrylic Diffusion Panel) and MIRACLE which is a double-layer-welded sheet between laminated acrylic block with hexagon acrylic sheet, providing more brightness dimensions of lighting to suit a light signage work or a large display panel, etc.

In addition to the cast acrylic sheet mentioned above, the Company also manufactures acrylic sheets for forming systems (Extruded Acrylic Sheet).

  • Most of Extruded Acrylic Sheets are mainly produced for domestic sales, including both General Purpose Grade and Impact Resistant Acrylic Panel Grade, the Company can produce acrylic sheets with 3-metered width or tailor as per desired sizes and applications. Apart from the solid flat sheet, the Company can also produce various patterned sheets and anti-glare acrylic panels that are appropriate for directory signs that are not required of reflective light. At present, such acrylic sheets have been installed as the outer panels of advertising signs and directory signs of BTS stations, which often encounter a problem of blurry vision on signs due to sunlight reflecting off signs to passengers’ eyes.
2. Extruded Plastics Business

Over and above the production lines for both types of acrylic sheets as mentioned above, the Company also manufactures and distributes various types of extruded plastic sheets with a variety of grades based on the type of raw materials for production as follows:

  • ABS Sheet made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic: it is widely used in the automotive parts industry and in the electrical appliance industry. At present, the Company has developed such grade to be ABS Flame Resistant Grade by modifying its specification to have a low flammability property to prevent accidental fire.
  • HIPS Sheet made of High Impact Styrene Plastic: its application is similar to ABS Sheet’s and it is normally used as another choice of plastic sheets due to its higher durability and cheaper price. In addition to its application in the electrical appliance industry, HIPS Sheet is also popular to be used in the cold storage industry and general packaging. The production of HIPS Sheet is also developed to produce both flat type and thin type that can be sold as HIPS Rolls, including ordinary grade and special grade that are used for some specific works, for example, HIPS Anti-static and HIPS Conductive are used in the electrical appliance packaging industry instead of importing.
  • PP Sheet (Polypropylene) includes both PP flat sheet and Rolls which are commonly used to produce general containers and packaging. Moreover, the Company also manufactures PP Profile Sheet or Core Flute, which is a popular plastic sheet used to make price tags, campaign signs, advertising and PR boards or supporting pads for packaging, etc.
  • PE Sheet (Polyethylene) is commonly colored of black to be used as trays in cars or pick-ups and decoration and forming works in the general automotive industry.
  • Co-extrusion Sheet is a special grade sheet consisting of minimum two types of plastic layers on the same sheet for different properties between the lower layer and the upper layer. At present, the Company launched the "Complas" Sheet, which is a three-layer sheet consisting of ABS plastic layer, acrylic coated upper layer and color layer, initially, the Company produces this type of sheet with 2 colors: white and white pearl, to be used in forming sanitary products and general decoration work.


Quality Control and Research & Technology Facilities

In line with its strong emphasis on superior product quality, TPA has made sound investments in Research and Technology. The company has sophisticated laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment and qualified technicians.

Tensile Strength Test

Continuous testing of physical properties includes measurements of tensile strength, impact force and load tolerance. Thickness Inspection Machine (TIM) A precise computerized thickness-measuring machine is used to ensure high accuracy standards for all Moden Glas Acrylic sheets.


Polymerization of Acrylic sheets is controlled above a minimum acceptable tolerance of 95%. Close monitoring control during the production of Acrylic sheets eliminates any formation of hairline ruptures or discoloration.

QUV-Weatherability Test

Tests to determine product life-expectancy in various environmental conditions are fully computerized. In the warm tropical climate of Thailand, the life expectancy of Moden Glas Acrylic is generally more than a decade.

Colour Matching Spectrophotometer

Color analysis and calibration against the master color chart is performed by a computerized Spectrophotometer to suit customer requirements. This equipment also saves time and cost since its readings ensure precision in the reproduction of color according to the specified color formula.


Certificate Issued by the institution Year of certificated
ISO9001:2015 (Quality System) TUV NORD 5 August 2020
TIS18001:2554 (Safety System) MASCI 9 August 2020
ISO14001:2015 (Environment System) TUV NORD 7 December 2018
Anti-Corruption Policy Thailand Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) 30 September





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